Swift / Firebase / Mapkit / GeoFire

Inspired by my COVID-19 quarantine puppy, Yoshi, I designed and built an app called PlayPal as my final project for an iOS development class. PlayPal is an app that connects dog owners with other dog owners and shows them fun places to take their dogs to explore. Users can see the locations of potential play pals within a 30 km radius of their current location. They also have their own profile page which displays their profile image, bio, and various other information.

In future iterations, I plan on implementing a friend system and a search feature on the map, which would allow users to locate dog parks, hiking trails, and dog friendly stores.

UI Design made in Sketch

dog park.png

Biz Girlz

Swift / XCode

What does it do?

BizGirlz is an iOS game style simulation app that allows the user to “choose their own adventure.” The purpose of our app would is to engage with and educate young girls about business, finance, and commerce - the cornerstones of entrepreneurship.


The opening screen prompts the start of the simulation, and pressing the play button gives the user an opportunity to customize their avatar. Next, there are options containing business ideas for younger kids, such as a lemonade stand or a dog walking service. The user can choose a business, and make choices about expenses, prices, and advertising that leads the business to fail or succeed.

How did we build it?

Our team attended the iOS workshop at the beginning of the day and applied the knowledge we gained about Xcode to create BizGirlz. We used many of Xcode’s built-in features to create pathways for the simulation.

We were able to progress from knowing absolutely nothing about app development to being able to code a reasonably functioning iOS app in a matter of hours. While getting past the initial learning curve was tough, we are really proud of the app we created.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.42.18 AM.png